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New!  JBC Grid SUITE - Written entirely in the JavaTM programming language.

JBC Grid SUITE - Hierarchical Interface.

The Best Front End for your Database Applications.

All you ever wanted to do with a JTable and a hierarchical interface.

If the JTable component allows the developper to present data in a spreadsheet fashion, allowing the end-user to edit the cells may become quite difficult. More, if you want to display some of these data in a customized way then programming can quickly become a challenge. Not only the JbcGridTable component comes with its own set of editors and renderers, it accepts any other bean you may use. (The JbcGrid associated demo uses the JBC Gui Beans Suite).

More, it allows the dynamic insertion of any other SwingTM component inside the table area that may be used to display or edit the contents of a row. (This feature can dramaticaly simplify the verification of the user's modification of the row data whithout the need of opening a new window at the user's request). This row expansion can be triggered by any event.

As a generalization of the insertion of any component, you can even expand a row into another JbcGrid Table giving to the resulting one the best of the JTable and the JTree components. You can nest as many levels of JbcGrid Table as your application may need.

JBC Grid SUITE is a JavaBeanTM, Renderers and Editors, compatible with JavaTM 2 platforms, from Java 1.3 versions, written entirely in the JavaTM programming language. Based on SwingTM components, this collection supports all JavaTM Look and Feel such as WindowsTM, MotifTM, MacintoshTM etc... These beans allow to increase user friendliness of user interface, as well as productivity of developers by using tested, operational, re-usable beans. They may be included to JavaTM applications or applets. They may be added as add-on to the VisualMust® interface builder by JBCSolutions or to other interface builders available on the market, such as ForteTM, JBuilderTM, VisualAgeTM... JBC Gui Beans Suite may be an add-on to JBC Grid. JBC Gui Beans Suite (JbcBeans) is not included in JbcGrid package.

A free Demo and an Evaluation version are available. (See Download section).

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