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New!  VisualMust ® - Written entirely in the JavaTM programming language.


You're just reading the presentation of the most advanced tool for JavaTM developers. Written entirely in the JavaTM programming language, you may use it on any operating system hosting a 1.3.0 (and later) JavaTM virtual machine. The top-left part of the window will help you in browsing the Subsystems sections.

Scope of Product

VisualMust is the most comprehensive tool available today for creating and integrating a JavaTM Graphic User Interface into your application. Visual Must is a multiplatform IDE, composed of a WYSIWYG Interface Builder, a graphical debugger, a syntactic text editor, a System Recovery, a generator of JavaTM source code. It aims at the JavaTM developers community.

This product is completely different from all the other development tools available in the Java arena. VisualMust is intended to be used by application programmers who have a rather good knowledge of the Java language. Its aim is not to generate lines of code that will have to prove to be better than the ones the programmer may produce by himself. This is just a tool and it does not pretend to be clever than you.

VisualMust is an application design aid, it will save you all the troubles of building your user interface. By an extensive use of the Drag and Drop facility, it will allow you to dress-up your frames and dialogs in an intuitive way using the What You See Is What You Get paradigm.

Once you have laid out your user interface, VisualMust will also save you the trouble of handling all the events you are not interested in : VisualMust will make your code rely on an adapter (as required by the Java architecture) using the one that is available or creating one on the fly if needed. In any case, you will only have to handle the event you specified without worrying about the others. VisualMust will create an empty method that will be called when this event will occur. You will define the real handling of this event by developing the body of this method.

VisualMust does not impose you any limitation : you are completely free to invent new ways of responding to a given event, to use any JavaBeanTM, commercial or from your own. Your imagination is way richer that the one of the conceptors and it seems better to let you code what you want than restrict you to only use what anybody thought as «good for you». Once the Java files have been generated, you are even free of not using VisualMust anymore to polish your application. Nevertheless, all your definitions are stored in a reentrant file, so you can incrementally modify or improve your GUI as often as you like.

Written entirely in the JavaTM programming language, VisualMust is therefore compatible with all the platforms that support JavaTM 1.3 and later. Though VisualMust runs only under JavaTM 1.3 and later, the code generated by VisualMust is compatible from JavaTM 1.1.8 to 1.3 and later.

Since VisualMust is both "written entirely in the JavaTM programming language" and 100 % SwingTM, you may change the Look and Feel available on your platform. A large part of VisualMust was generated by VisualMust itself.

VisualMust allows you to define any and all objects known to JavaTM, including your own Java beans, with a variety of different parameters which modify the behavior or appearance of the object being constructed. Those parameters are named "Properties" in JavaTM terminology. There is no practical limit to the number of JavaBeansTM (i.e windows/controls) you can create.

VisualMust is a multiplatform tool, composed of several subsystems that will be discussed in separate chapters. The Scope of Subsystems chapter offers a summary of :

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