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New!  VisualMust ® - Written entirely in the JavaTM programming language.

 WHAT'S NEW IN VisualMust

Revision B4
  • Revision B4 This revision includes modification for compliance with J2SDK 1.6.0.
Revision B3
  • Revision B3 This revision includes modification for compliance with J2SDK 1.5.0.
Revision B2
  • Revision B2 This revision includes modification for compliance with J2SDK 1.4.2.
Revision B1
  • Revision B1 supports traditional Chinese and Japonese characters, more generally languages that use double-byte encoding. You may name objects with traditional characters with VisualMust but, due to bug ID: 4760787 the ODB file name should not contain unicode characters. (Release Fixed : J2SDK 1.4.1_02, mantis)
Revision A9
  • Revision A9 is compliant with J2SDK 1.4.1.
Revision A8
  • You may now change the color and font properties for table headers.
Revision A7 Revision A6 Revision A5
  • In previous revisions, the ImageChooser set the Project path in lowercase. This revision fixes this problem.
Revision A4
  • The GridBagLayout designer has been really enhaced. It allows to visualize columns and rows.
  • The VisualMust desktop is now customizable.
  • Screen printing has been improved.
Revision A3
  • J2SDK 1.4.0 causes some problems regarding comboboxes, consequently this revision implements a workaround for bug 4653041 and others.
Revision A2
  • This revision is compliant with J2SDK 1.4.0
Revision A1
  • Initial release

 WHAT'S NEW IN VisualMust Documentation

Revision A2
  • The chapter "Root > Desktop options" has been added.
  • The chapter "Root > Preference > Interface Builder > Tracking > Emphasis" has been added.
Revision A1
  • Initial release

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